The Free No-Sweat Intro

What is the “No Sweat Intro”?

We love noting more than helping people achieve their goals, its literally why we get out of bed every day. The No Sweat intro is a chat with a professional coach to discuss exactly what you want to achieve in your health and fitness journey.

How exactly does it work?

Step 1. We get to know you

We will ask you some questions to help get an understanding of exactly what you are looking as well as other important info like past exercise history, injuries, nutritional habits, likes/dislikes, stress, sleep and anything else that may effect the quality of your health. “No-Sweat” means we won’t be working out and this intro is just a friendly chat in a non-intimidating or sales focused way to answer all of your questions about Boyneside and how our coaches can help you meet your goals!

Step 2. Understand your goals

The NSI is all about you and your goals. We know everyone that we train personally and our coaches know exactly what each persons goals are, so we tailor the workouts to suit individual goals whether its in a 1-1 setting or a group. This is an important step in the process. From here we can establish the necessary skills and practices required so we can give you small actionable habits to focus on.

Step 3. Establish a baseline

After we gather some information we will take some objective health measurements on our InBody scanner, check this blog post out for more info on what this is.

Step 4. Make a plan

We offer you a solution that will guide you through the process wether that is 1-1 or in one of the multiple groups we have that suit all abilities. With the information we have gathered we can for example rule out group session based on your schedule because they are at fixed times or recommend a specific group class based on your goal. With all of this information we simply provide you with the most suitable solution, while keeping your time and budget a priority.

Step 5. Help

It is our mission to help improve the health and happiness of our local community. A simple but profound reason!

A No-Sweat intro usually takes around 30-45mins but we don’t put a limit on the time, we like to be thorough, answer all your questions and make sure you are satisfied with everything before you leave.

If you want to bring a friend or family member with you to the NSI that’s fine you are more than welcome to bring someone along!

Here is a quick round up of The “No Sweat” intro, when you meet the head coach.

  • Discuss your goals
  • Get a tour of our facility,
  • Understand our philosophy and methodology,
  • Discuss General Nutrition and the different diets you may have heard about.
  • Ask any questions you may have, and finally
  • Discuss a customized plan to help you reach them.

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