What is an InBody scan?

Inbody scan Boyneside Gym Drogheda

At Boyneside Gym we measure success in small wins or as our members call them – bright spots. When we only use the number on the traditional weighing scales to measure our progress, it can easily set us up for failure. The InBody gives us a closer look at our body composition and breaks down our total body weight into a detailed analysis of body fat, muscle mass, BMR (basal metabolic rate), and total water.

Why are these numbers so important?
When we take a deeper look at these metrics, the traditional weighing scale only gives us a single element to work with, and in reality, it’s the least beneficial number to know when trying to lose body fat or gain muscle, if this is the goal then the number on the scale may stay the same. An InBody scan will determine how much muscle mass you have added and how much body fat you have lost by breaking down your total bodyweight and graph it to show us your progress.

An initial assessment gives us a baseline, and along with a detailed account of your goals; we can create a plan. At our quarterly goal reviews, we reassess and make any necessary adjustments, so you can keep moving towards your goal. This process is part of the reason we are proud to be a results-driven gym.

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