The Happy Coach

Now more than ever, the key to true health and fitness is guidance from a coach. The coaches at Boyneside know that the life changes you have encountered from the Covid-19 pandemic are difficult, as it continues to bring added stress and anxiety. 

Our goal is to make your time with us in the gym the best hour of your day. Over years of coaching, we have acquired the tools and resources that you will need to live a happier, healthier life; here are some of the benefits you will receive:

  1. Accountability: Think back to a time in your life when you struggled with something. In hindsight, the person who held you accountable was the main factor in developing the habit that enabled you. Be it your parents making you brush your teeth or a teacher to present your homework to. Hopefully, as you read this today with a degree and set of pearly whites, it was the accountability of that parent or teacher that helped you develop the habits required and help when you struggled. Your coach will communicate with you to help keep you on track to make sure you show up, do your workouts, drink enough water, and offer actionable steps to avoid food binges.
  2. Personalization: It is easy to find a workout online. Try it! Google “Best fat loss workout” it will give you thousands if not millions of results. The magic is not any single workout, but how it is conducive to you and your goals. First, establish some personal achievable goals with your coach, then your coach will ensure your workouts are safe, effective, and progressive.
  3. Flexibility: The times we live in are uncertain and unpredictable. Knowing this, your priorities might change, so you need a flexible approach to your health and fitness, and your coach will help change your program to reflect your need regardless of your circumstances.
  4. Help with new habits and a healthy mindset: You might be hitting the snooze button a little too much, feeling lost or eating poorly, and just feeling down. Your coach will help you structure your days at home by designing a schedule, providing daily tasks and planning, and mindset work for mental health. We’ll be calling and checking in on you regularly to establish these new habits for a healthy at-home lifestyle.
  5. Social connection: As social creatures, a huge part of being happy means staying connected! With regular communication about your physical fitness and wellbeing, we will meet with you periodically to have a coffee or chat. We’ll invite you to join group social events with the gym family!

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