Im still on the fence!

I see you over there, one foot dangling over each side of the fence. You’re sitting smack-dab in the middle, stuck in between the hesitation you feel about trying something completely new and the excitement you feel when you fast forward yourself a year from now.

You can imagine in your head how you’ll look just a month or two from now. Maybe you’ve noticed that people who get in some exercise several times a week seem to be more positive. And you’ve mathematically figured out that an hour really only equates to 4% of your day!

But perhaps you’re still wavering on whether to take the plunge. Realize that every single person who is currently a member at the gym has been in your exact same shoes.

“What if I’m the slowest?”

“What if I can’t finish the workout?”

“What if I don’t know how to complete one of the movements?”

“Longest gym membership I’ve ever had!”

Well, so what? Our coaches at Boyneside Gym Drogheda have answered each and every one of those questions before, and the response is always the same. This is all about YOU and the goals you have for yourself. As long as you push yourself to the limit whenever possible, and you strive to be just a tad bit better every time you walk into the gym, you will be just fine.

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