How a fitness coach can help you reach goals faster.

Reaching our health and fitness goals can often be frustrating, especially when we do it alone. Are you fed up with doing random YouTube workouts and seeing no results? Having a fitness coach can help to guide you in the right direction. Here at Boyneside, we specialise in coaching and can provide you with the help you need.

The main benefits of having a fitness coach are:

Many people struggle to create an effective plan and stick to it. You might have tried to put a workout plan together but have seen no results, even after all of your hard work. Knowing what exercises to do, how often to train, and what to eat are all problems we face when we start by ourselves. However, a fitness coach will show you the right path to follow. Our experienced coaching staff has the expertise to provide you with all the help you need.

We can’t rely on motivation alone. Just like building any other habit, consistency is vital. Successfully building new habits can be very difficult. Many people try to make changes in their lives by relying on willpower alone, but the reality is that this doesn’t work. Others try to achieve change after feeling a spark of inspiration or motivation and may be successful for a while, but more often than not, the spark fades away, and people slip back into old habits.

On the other hand, accountability is one of the most effective ways to ensure that change truly takes place, as we are much more likely to stick to a new habit when we have someone to make sure we stay on the right track. Fitness habits are no different. How many times have you promised to quit smoking, lose those few pounds, or run that marathon, only to give up after a few days, weeks, or months? Without accountability, making lasting changes can be next to impossible. Having an accountability partner who wants you to succeed will make you much more likely to stick to your training and diet plans and ultimately achieve your fitness goals.

Tailored to YOU
Everyone has different fitness goals, and we all start from a different place in our fitness journey. A coach can provide individualised training to help you achieve the results you want. Unlike a generic training plan that you can find on the internet, we will provide you with a specific program to suit your unique needs, which addresses training, nutrition, sleep, and recovery. Such a plan can help you reach your goals faster. By having a fitness coach at Boyneside, you will be able to discuss any problems or concerns with a trained professional who is invested in your success. You can be sure of top-quality one-on-one coaching so that you can be confident that your effort is focused in the right direction.

In short, a coach can give you the help you need to make sure you reach your goals faster by providing expertise, accountability, and a personal plan.

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