Five simple staycation workout ideas

So with holiday staycation season in full swing, most are planning a well-needed spell of R&R! With exercise being a morale and mood booster, why do we decide that it’s not necessary while traveling? Let’s look at the most common reasons (excuses) No equipment or gym access, limited time, lack of inspiration, and structure. On this note, We have decided to assist and provide five simple, quick, and equipment-free exercises we can all include in our next spell away.

Workout 1: Today’s WOD provides an excellent chance for you to test your ability to move fast and recover quickly! The aim is to get at least 30-45 seconds rest each round. If this is not possible, it may be prudent to slightly scale the run distance to allow for recovery as we want a constant intensity throughout the eight rounds! 

Every 3 minutes x 8 rounds:

Run 400m 

10 Push-ups 

Workout 2: Today’s WOD is a great way for you to build core strength, raise heart rate and ramp up your ability to burn calories! Athletes should stretch ankle and hips before. The clock will run for 10 mins alternating exercise on each minute.


Min1- 8 overhead squats with a brush handle 

Min2-30sec hollow hold 

Workout 3: Interval training is a great way to boost metabolism by performing at high intensity for short sustained periods. Today’s movements are all guaranteed to increase heart and respiratory rates! You will earn your rest each minute by moving quickly to get the work done as efficiently as possible with the goal of getting 10-15 seconds of rest/transition time between movements. Each round, a one-minute break will not seem long enough, but it should help you maintain a consistent output throughout the entire workout.


Min1- 15 Jump Squats 

Min2- 50 Mountain Climbers 

Min3- Up/Downs 

Min4- Tuck Jumps 

Min5- Waling Rest 

Workout 4: This is a real leg burner and will give you a real bang for your buck. An open space is required ( beach or grassland). You will lunge your way up for 11 mins and turn around for the remaining 11 mins. This is a great partner or team workout, so get a buddy and get lunging.


5 Push-ups 

10 Walking Lunges 

15 Air Squats

Workout 5: This is a couplet of longer monostructural work on the run paired with some gymnastics in the V-ups. Overall, we want you to find a pace on the run that you can match or beat across the three throughout. The aim is to recover on the V-ups while ensuring the correct form is maintained – Nice slow V-ups with Full Range of motion. 

For Time: 

800m run

20 V-Ups

800m run

20 V-Ups

800m run

This is just a snippet of the available hints/tips on offer at Boyneside. We provide coaching for Exercise/Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, and Stress Management. 

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