Feeling unfocused and forgetful? Exercise might be the solution!

Boyneside Gym Drogheda

You probably know that a regular exercise routine builds muscle, helps control your weight, and can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease — but did you know exercise also improves your brain function?

Just 20 minutes of exercise can improve information processing and memory function. Exercise also increases growth factors in the brain, which aids the brain in making new neural connections.

Feeling unfocused and forgetful? Studies have shown that people who regularly exercise have greater volume in their prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex, the areas of the brain that control thinking and memory.

Exercise also helps with mood and mental health. At Boyneside Gym here in Drogheda we work with a diverse clientele, we have the opportunity to help guide our members through difficult real life situations which actionable advice.

We know that picking up a regular gym habit can stabilise your mood, help you sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety.

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